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Micro Glass Gekko pad

Used dry inside to polish mirrors and remove fingerprints.


Fugu Gekko pad

Mix of microfiber fabric and soft brushes to use inside and outside.


Steel wool Gekko pad

Use inside or outside to remove stubborn dirt.


Gekko pad holder

Combination of the iconic Excelerator features and some new innovation.


Baobab sleeve

Grey sleeve with 100 % recycled microfiber fabric with best water retention capacity.

Mono T-bar

Standard mono-component holder for your washer sleeve.

Premium T-bar

Washer sleeve holder with a two-component grip that ensures a firm grip even with wet hands.

Swivel T-bar

Lightweight swivel and durable washer sleeve holder. Unlock swivel movement by loosening the knob.

Combinator 2.0 T-bar

Specifically designed for the Combinator 2.0 handle / set, a flexible washer sleeve holder.


Niveo sleeve

100% microfiber quality sleeve, also available in 15cm / 6".


Premium sleeve

High quality turquoise microfiber sleeve made of 100% polyester guarantees superior cleaning power and durability.


Fugu sleeve

High water retention microfiber sleeve with hard abrasive bristles, available in 25 - 35 - 45 cm.

Combinator 2.0 sleeve

High quality turquoise cover made of 100% polyester microfiber, fits the corresponding Combinator T-bar.

Premium F*LIQ pad

Lightning fast switching pad, the ideal partner for use on a pole and working in heights.


Fugu F*LIQ pad

Microfiber F*LIQ pad with hard abrasive bristles to have the maximum cleaning power and all benefits of fast switching between washing and wiping.

Replacement clips F*LIQ pad

Replacement clips for all F*LIQ pads, fits each size.