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Excelerator 2.0 handle

The most complete handle for traditional window cleaning. Try it, master it and love it.

Excelerator handle

Adjustable to a 10°, 25° or 40° angle depending on the type of window frame and height, possible obstacles, challenging angles or just your own personal preference.

Premium handle

Since day one, our top standard handle made of stainless steel with a bi-component soft-touch grip.

Stainless steel handle

Solid is the best way to describe this stainless steel handle. Best used with stainless steel channels. 

Premium snapper handle

Easy click mechanism to hold your channel, a painless way of assembling the channel to the handle. As known from the Combinator handle.

Combinator 2.0 handle

Part of the Combinator system but can also be used as a stand-alone handle. It's lightweight and constructed of durable polypropylene.