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Get more in return: money or time.

Endless detailing, painful joints and a dangerous job. We know that your daily job needs hard work, special skills and dedication. To get you to the next level, we're committed to continiuously improve and develop tools that make you work faster, more proficient and safer.

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Moerman products respond to the EASE principles

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We’re a manufacturer of professional window cleaning tools and have our distributor network active in more than 40 countries worldwide. Our distributors and resellers are keen on adding new Moerman products to their product range, ask about Moerman products to your local reseller or webshop.

"Recently, we purchased a small quantity of your microfibre glass cloths, blue squeegee rubbers and washer sleeves in order to evaluate them. Regarding the first two items particularly, I can honestly say they are the best I've ever bought, and we intend to use your brand exclusively for all our future supplies." - T. Bullock (UK)

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Swivelmaster T-Bar

The SwivelMaster T-bar – not just a tool, but a game-changer designed to revolutionize your window cleaning experience.

Multi Scraper

We’re proud to introduce the Multi Scraper, a game-changer in the world of scraping. This is not your average scraper; it’s a powerhouse designed to tackle any challenge you throw at it.

Yes, you are ready!

Latest innovations.

Liquidator 15 cm by Moerman

"Le petit Prince" is arrived !

Takumi 2,4m / 8ft. by Moerman

Aluminum extension pole using the Carbonator sculpture and look.

NXT-R® by Moerman

Durability and Performance with a perfect glide.

Toolholder 2.0 by Moerman

For the wash: Niveo, Premium and Fugu sleeve.

Toolholder 2.0 by Moerman

Multiple compartments to hold all your gear and keeping you comfortable.

Liquidator 3.0 by Moerman

Patented angled edge channel.

Premium Snapper Handle by Moerman

When you need simple standard quality.

Excelerator 2.0 by Moerman

Outperform yourself on each hard-to-reach window.

Drywalker Flex by Moerman

Your ultimate Bucket on a Belt companion.

Carbonator by Moerman

Lightweight, robust with perfect torsion and bending resistance.

Excelerator 2.0 customizable

You can either tighten or loosen it according to your preference.

“Do the F*LIQ!” with Fugu F*LIQ pad

“DO THE F*LIQ!” with the new Fugu F*LIQ pad.

How to “Do the F*LIQ!”

It's a window cleaning method of Moerman.

How to change your Liquidator rubber and end-clips.

It's easy, same way for Liquidator 2.0/3.0 channel.

Our R&D team answers live questions of Trad-Man

This was live on Tuesday 2nd April 2019 on Facebook.

Window cleaners from all over the world are here!

Window cleaners from all over the world are here! - UK - Germany - Denmark - France - Belgium - USA

Can’t stop the feeling!

Check out our team, our best singing talent! :-)

Continuous innovation

Various product updates to improve existing tools with yearly new product releases.

Focus on user experience

Products tested by window cleaners worldwide to get feedback and improve usability.

Dependable standard

Continuous check and quality control of product materials related to reliability and dependability.

Best value for money

Optimized production quantities to ensure measured price-quality.