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Carbonator extension pole

Window cleaning up to 7 meter (25 feet) height with a full carbon pole!


Takumi extension pole

This isn't just high-tech, it is affordable and built for window cleaners.

Aluminum extension pole

Extension poles contribute to your safety! Very practical and no stepladder needed.

Dr. Angle

The gooseneck angle adaptor for most common poles!

Dr. Angle Mini

The little brother to the Dr. Angle comes with a threaded tip in German and ACME thread.

Universal cone

A locking mechanism that keeps all Moerman tools secure on the extension pole.

Universal angle adapter

Go from a 0° to 145° angle on your extension pole with easy grip wheel.


Universal clamp

Safely clamps a variety of tools for detailing and wall and ceiling cleaning.


Can be fixed on extension pole with Universal cone (ACME thread).


Wear the wrist strap and attach your tool to the carabiner or loop.


A great pick- and clean-up tool.