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Les Petits Tools

Introducing this possible set – ‘The Petits Tools’ solution. This meticulously curated set includes the Takumi Deluxe, Excelerator 2.0, Liquidator 15 cm, and Fugu F*LIQ pad 15 cm, representing the best of our window cleaning tools. The ‘Petits’ in our set name stands testament to its effectiveness in dealing with small windows, regardless of their placement – be it eye level or higher up.

Each tool in this set is designed with precision and convenience in mind, ensuring a seamless window cleaning experience. Whether you’re tackling a petite pane at eye level or ascending to clean a loftier ledge, our ‘Petits Tools’ set is your ideal companion. Make your window cleaning task easier than ever before with this all-in-one solution. Experience the difference today with the ‘Petits Tools Set’.

But that’s not all. We understand that sometimes, you just need to stick to the basics. That’s why we also offer the Mono T-bar 15cm and Niveo sleeve 15 cm, which pair perfectly together for a simple yet effective clean. Plus, the dr. Angle Mini is designed to be compatible with existing extension poles, adding convenience and flexibility to your toolbox.

  • Don't lose time changing tools
  • Premium and Fugu F*LIQ pad available
  • Ideal for small glass portals and French window panes
  • All the benefits of the Excelerator 2.0
  • Takumi Deluxe comes with dr. Angle Mini

Takumi Deluxe (incl. dr. Angle Mini)

  • 2,4m / 8ft.


Excelerator 2.0

  • 1 size


Liquidator 15 cm / 6"

  • 15 cm / 6"


F*LIQ pad 15 cm

  • Premium with fixation bar


  • Fugu with fixation bar


Mono T-bar

  • 15 cm / 6"


Niveo sleeve

  • 15 cm / 6"


Aluminum channel

  • 15 cm / 6"


Dr. Angle mini

  • German thread


  • ACME thread



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