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Micro Glass Gekko pad

Used dry inside to polish mirrors and remove fingerprints.


Fugu Gekko pad

Mix of microfiber fabric and soft brushes to use inside and outside.


Steel wool Gekko pad

Use inside or outside to remove stubborn dirt.


Gekko pad holder

Combination of the iconic Excelerator features and some new innovation.


Baobab sleeve

Grey sleeve with 100 % recycled microfiber fabric with best water retention capacity.


Toolholder 2.0

Multiple compartments to hold all your gear and keeping you comfortable when on the go.

Combinator set

Unique and innovative combination tool created to save you time and make you more money.

Jack’s favorite

New with Fugu F*LIQ pad! Any horizontal, vertical, overhead or hard to reach place that comes up – you’ll be able to get the job done in an efficient and safe way.


Excelerator 2.0 handle

The most complete handle for traditional window cleaning. Try it, master it and love it.

Excelerator handle

Adjustable to a 10°, 25° or 40° angle depending on the type of window frame and height, possible obstacles, challenging angles or just your own personal preference.

Premium handle

Since day one, our top standard handle made of stainless steel with a bi-component soft-touch grip.

Stainless steel handle

Solid is the best way to describe this stainless steel handle. Best used with stainless steel channels. 

Premium snapper handle

Easy click mechanism to hold your channel, a painless way of assembling the channel to the handle. As known from the Combinator handle.

Combinator 2.0 handle

Part of the Combinator system but can also be used as a stand-alone handle. It's lightweight and constructed of durable polypropylene.


Liquidator 15 cm

"Le petit Prince" of the Liquidator line squeegee channels, exclusive 6" design.


Liquidator 3.0

It is an angled edge channel, unique in its kind and now even more accurate than ever before. Developed with window cleaners for window cleaners. The end clips of the Liquidator 3.0 are designed for wiping a window much more efficiently without having to detail the edges.

Aluminum channel

Lightweight aluminum channel 15 cm / 6" up to 55 cm / 22".


Stainless steel channel

Solid stainless steel channel with notched profile for variable handle positions with soft or hard Dura-flex® rubber, available in multiple sizes ranging from 25 cm / 10" up to 45 cm / 18".


Dura-flex® rubber

Replacement (black) soft or hard rubber strips, available in standard and Liquidator cut.


NXT-R rubber

NXT-R is the perfect rubber for the best squeegees. Get ready for sheer window cleaning pleasure.

Durafill rubber box

A handy box to hang or store upto 20 rubber strips for on the road.

Replacement clips Liquidator 3.0

Is your end clip worn or damaged, easy to replace it!

Mono T-bar

Standard mono-component holder for your washer sleeve.

Premium T-bar

Washer sleeve holder with a two-component grip that ensures a firm grip even with wet hands.

Swivel T-bar

Lightweight swivel and durable washer sleeve holder. Unlock swivel movement by loosening the knob.

Combinator 2.0 T-bar

Specifically designed for the Combinator 2.0 handle / set, a flexible washer sleeve holder.


Niveo sleeve

100% microfiber quality sleeve, also available in 15cm / 6".


Premium sleeve

High quality turquoise microfiber sleeve made of 100% polyester guarantees superior cleaning power and durability.


Fugu sleeve

High water retention microfiber sleeve with hard abrasive bristles, available in 25 - 35 - 45 cm.

Combinator 2.0 sleeve

High quality turquoise cover made of 100% polyester microfiber, fits the corresponding Combinator T-bar.

Premium F*LIQ pad

Lightning fast switching pad, the ideal partner for use on a pole and working in heights.


Fugu F*LIQ pad

Microfiber F*LIQ pad with hard abrasive bristles to have the maximum cleaning power and all benefits of fast switching between washing and wiping.

Replacement clips F*LIQ pad

Replacement clips for all F*LIQ pads, fits each size.

Carbonator extension pole

Window cleaning up to 7 meter (25 feet) height with a full carbon pole!


Bamboo microfiber cloth

Eco-friendly water absorbent cloth.


Takumi Deluxe extension pole

Made of a combination of glass fiber with carbon fiber - to keep it light.


Takumi extension pole

This isn't just high-tech, it is affordable and built for window cleaners.

Aluminum extension pole

Extension poles contribute to your safety! Very practical and no stepladder needed.

Dr. Angle

The gooseneck angle adaptor for most common poles!

Dr. Angle Mini

The little brother to the Dr. Angle comes with a threaded tip in German and ACME thread.

Universal cone

A locking mechanism that keeps all Moerman tools secure on the extension pole.

Universal angle adapter

Go from a 0° to 145° angle on your extension pole with easy grip wheel.


Universal clamp

Safely clamps a variety of tools for detailing and wall and ceiling cleaning.


Can be fixed on extension pole with Universal cone (ACME thread).


Wear the wrist strap and attach your tool to the carabiner or loop.


A great pick- and clean-up tool.


Drywalker Flex

BOAB for 100% dry legs, organise your work gear properly and adaptable to any window cleaning job.


Made of durable nylon, quick release buckle and extra loops for window cleaning cloths and tools.


Keep your wet and dry towels separated, easy access to pocket scraper or bottle.

Belt clip (male)

Holds tool firm on the belt, male click part.

Premium scraper

Glass scraper to easily remove paint, tape, stickers from windows.

Premium long handle scraper

Glass scraper with long handle to easily remove paint, tape, stickers from windows.

Single edged scraper blades

Use a standard single-edge razor blade for your window scraper 10cm / 4".

Double edged scraper blades

Use a double edged razor blade for your window scraper 10cm / 4".

Pocket scraper blades

Pocket size holder, blade retracts into holder for safety when not in use.

Pocket scraper

Pocket size holder, blade retracts into holder for safety when not in use.


Bucket lid 22L / 6 GAL

Fits the Black bucket perfectly and made of 100 % recycled material.

Black bucket 22L / 6 GAL

Rectangular bucket that allows you to dip your whole washer 45cm / 18" in at once.

Bucket 24L / 6,5 GAL

Blue rectangular bucket  that allows you to dip your whole washer 45cm /18" in at once.

Squeeze Deluxe Eco-friendly

Detergent for washing windows, specially developed for the professional window washer.


A bucket filling hose and connector that allows to easily fill a bucket from most standard taps.


Make your bucket like running on wheels with this set that fits the Moerman buckets.

Bucket hooks

Holds 2 washers and 1 squeegee in the Moerman bucket.

Merchandiser display

Aluminum display rack that fits Moerman tools for showroom purposes.


A kind of soft, flat hat, typically with a peak.

Neck scarf

A necktube made of lightweight breathable fabric that is so comfy to wear, you hardly notice it.