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Unveiling the SwivelMaster T-bar: A Revolution in Window Cleaning Precision

In the ever-evolving world of window cleaning, innovation is key. We proudly introduce the SwivelMaster T-bar – not just a tool, but a game-changer designed to revolutionize your window cleaning experience. Inspired by community feedback and crafted to meet the unique needs of window washers, the SwivelMaster T-bar seamlessly combines the best features of Moerman’s top-selling Excelerator 2.0 handle with an innovative swivel T-bar, setting a new standard in control and versatility.
The SwivelMaster T-bar is not just a tool; it's the epitome of precision and versatility in window cleaning.

Discover the SwivelMaster T-Bar’s key features:

  1. Ultimate Control: The SwivelMaster T-bar has a 180° swivel point close to the window, providing unparalleled control. This proximity ensures that you can navigate the T-bar with precision and ease, reaching even the trickiest spots effortlessly.
  2. Adjustable Friction: The SwivelMaster offers customizable friction. Tailor the tightness of your swivel motion with an Allen key to your liking, giving you the the friction that suits your needs.
  3. Fast and Secure Locking Mechanism: A 90° automatic fast lock lever ensures a swift and secure attachment, making the SwivelMaster T-bar an efficient and reliable tool in your window cleaning arsenal.
  4. Versatile Angle Adjustments: With angle adjustments of 0/25/50°, the SwivelMaster is designed to tackle diverse challenges. Clean high, low, or hard-to-reach spots with ease, overcoming obstacles that might have previously hindered your cleaning routine.
  5. Ergonomic 2K Handle: The SwivelMaster T-bar features an ergonomic 2K handle, providing an extra grip that enhances comfort during extended cleaning sessions. A tool that not only performs but also prioritizes the well-being of the user.
  6. Perfect Fit with Moerman Universal Cone: Seamless compatibility with the Moerman Universal Cone ensures that the SwivelMaster T-bar fits securely to existing Moerman poles.
  7. Available in 3 sizes: SwivelMaster T-bar is available in 25 cm / 10″, 35 cm / 14″, and 45 cm / 18″


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Why Choose the SwivelMaster T-bar?

The SwivelMaster T-bar is not just a tool; it’s the epitome of precision and versatility in window cleaning. With the same grip mechanism as the Excelerator 2.0, it brings unmatched adaptability to your routine. Whether you’re dealing with high, low, or hard-to-reach windows, the SwivelMaster T-bar is designed to elevate your cleaning game, making the seemingly challenging tasks a breeze. Welcome a new era of efficiency and precision – choose the SwivelMaster T-bar and redefine your window cleaning experience.