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Unique Liquidator 3.0 , yes 3.0!

The Liquidator 3.0 works great on all kinds of windows: thick or thin rubber seals, old or new steel edges, all types of frames… ensures smooth and easy performances without excessive strain on arms and shoulders – even after hours of intensive window cleaning.

For optimal performance of your Liquidator 3.0:

  1. Center Liquidator NXT-R rubber in the channel
  2. Use enough detergent, best applied directly to the sleeve
  3. Put minimum pressure for best results
  4. Get a feel for the right technique
  5. No detailing the edges of the window
Liquidator 3.0 comes standard with the NXT-R rubber.

What’s the difference with the Liquidator 2.0?

  1. (aluminum) black channel is the same robust quality
  2. Liquidator 3.0 now mentions “patented” instead of “patent pending”
  3. Liquidator 3.0 comes standard with the new NXT-R rubber instead of the black rubber
  • no need to choose between soft or hard rubber anymore, NXT-R is an all-seasons rubber
  1. difference in the patented turquoise end-clip
  • smooth design-flow
  • end tip is less curved for less pressure on the rubber
  • end clip has a firmer grip on the round top of the rubber to hold it better

Very small visual changes at first sight but big in use: the core difference for the channel is in the turquoise end-clip: it’s less curved to provide less pressure on the rubber, together with a firmer grip on the rounded part of the rubber that slides in channel. We’ve combined this with a smoother design of the end-clip and the NXT-R all-seasons rubber that’s now standard in the Liquidator 3.0 channel. No more need to choose between soft or hard rubber!