Offices & buildings

Offices accumulate dirt and dust daily. While cleaning is necessary, you want to be as low-profile as possible. The size of the Carabao Mopping System lets you clean quickly and thoroughly. High-traffic areas such as bathrooms and kitchens require efficient and regular cleaning, the Carabao smoothly tackles each corner with a never seen before ease.

Creating a welcoming environment for visitors & staff, starts with creating a clean environment. The Carabao Mopping Systems helps you clean a variety of spaces thanks to the use of a highly effective scrub mop and just water.
This cleaning method not only eliminates the need for chemicals, but also reduces the risk of damage to surfaces and flooring. The Carabao scrub mop is an effective tool for removing dirt and grime from floors, leaving them clean and sanitary.

Thanks to its trioval shape for improved ergonomics, the lightweight Carabao handle can be used in the most efficient and comfortable way. Moerman Carabao makes cleaning less tiring, reduces the risk of injury and increases the efficiency of the cleaning process. Carabao is designed to reduce stress on the user’s body as the handle is adjustable to the users height. A dirty mop? Just flip the Carabao mop over with a single flick of the handle, no need to bend and stress your back.

Want to get the most of your Carabao Mopping system? Our wide range of instruction video’s help to train your staff and tackle every mopping challenge.