The Carabao Mopping System is an essential tool for maintaining a clean and safe environment in hospitals. The Carabao system is designed to effectively clean hard surface floors, reducing the risk of cross contamination and the spread of infections. The Carabao Mop is designed to trap dirt and bacteria more effectively than traditional mops.

Thorough cleaning in the healthcare sector is crucial to maintain a sanitary environment for patients and staff. Use the Carabao microfiber mopping system as an effective method for cleaning hospital floors. You can use the Carabao for damp or wet mopping, the choice is yours. The Carabao Microfiber mop removes 99% of bacteria from surfaces, making it a highly effective tool in the fight against germs.

Use the Carabao system with the dispenser set and have full control of the wetness of your mopping. Just press the button to release the desired amount of water on the floor. The water is released (not sprayed) so you have full control and you prevent over-wetting the floor.

Use the damp Carabao microfiber mop to thoroughly remove dirt, grime, and bacteria from the floor, leaving it clean and sanitary.