The Carabao Mopping System is an essential tool for maintaining a clean and safe environment in hospitals. The Carabao system is designed to effectively clean hard surface floors, reducing the risk of cross contamination and the spread of infections. The Carabao Mop is designed to trap dirt and bacteria more effectively than traditional mops.


The Carabao Mopping System plays a crucial role in the maintenance of a clean and hygienic environment for your guests. Clean guest rooms, corridors, and public spaces in the blink of an eye. Our rigid mopping systems is easy to use and Moerman offers a variety of instruction videos for your staff. Carabao ensures that your floors are always sparkling clean and ready for guests.

Offices & buildings

Offices accumulate dirt and dust daily. While cleaning is necessary, you want to be as low-profile as possible. The size of the Carabao Mopping System lets you clean quickly and thoroughly. High-traffic areas such as bathrooms and kitchens require efficient and regular cleaning, the Carabao smoothly tackles each corner with a never seen before ease.