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Moerman nv. is a manufacturer of professional window cleaning tools and we sell our product range (per box) through a dedicated distributor network. Our distributor sell our products per piece through their (physical) shop or online via webshop.

Find a dealer in your neighborhood.

The Product page on our professional window cleaning tools website shows all the latest and available products in our professional window cleaning tools range.
It’s possible that a ‘new version’ is now available, that overruled the ‘old’ one. If this is the case, you will not find it anymore in our online product showcase.

You’re sure it’s a Moerman product and you’ve seen it in a shop with ‘Moerman’ brand but in other colors?
We have two other product segments: floor cleaning tools and DIY / Household cleaning tools, you’ll find here what you’re looking for.

Please visit our Dealer Locator and find dealers in your neighborhood.
If your country is not represented in our dealer network, don’t panic!
We’ll have several dealers that send through their webshop, you can select ‘Webshop’ and click through to their website.


Please contact the dealer where you bought the tool with a complete description of the issue you are experiencing and pictures attached. Ask them to contact us for the resolution of the issue.

Promotional material and graphics

You can check our Download page to find the latest product leaflet and the most useful Moerman branding files. These files are available for everyone.
If you’re an official distributor of Moerman window cleaning products, you’ll get access to more marketing materials through a shared folder.
Please contact our marketing department to request your access.

Become a distributor

We work with multiple distributors and exclusive distributors per country. General terms and conditions to comply with can be requested to our sales department.
Add full contact details (address, phone number, email, etc.) + country.

Check the ‘New customer requirements’ below, applicable for new distributors from North America only.
If you can relate, send your company information (address, phone number, email, etc.) to our sales manager, he will get back in touch with you.

New customer requirements:

  • We sell through distributors only.
  • You must be currently purchasing from other manufacturers for resale.
  • Must have a valid resale license to be exempt from sales tax.
  • Provide list of banking and credit references.
  • $1,000 opening order minimum, paid in advance for first order.
  • Once credit is established we have the following criteria:
    • $350 minimum order.
    • Payment Terms are 1% 10, Net 30 Days.
    • Quoted prices are FOB Atlanta, GA.
    • Orders exceeding $1,000.00 will be shipped freight free within the Continental U.S.

Not found what you are looking for?

Your question is very specific and you didn’t find the answer? Be sure to contact your reseller first if it’s about our products.
Let us know if you didn’t find your answer and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Yes, you are ready!

Latest innovations.

Liquidator 15 cm by Moerman

"Le petit Prince" is arrived !

Takumi 2,4m / 8ft. by Moerman

Aluminum extension pole using the Carbonator sculpture and look.

NXT-R® by Moerman

Durability and Performance with a perfect glide.

Toolholder 2.0 by Moerman

For the wash: Niveo, Premium and Fugu sleeve.

Toolholder 2.0 by Moerman

Multiple compartments to hold all your gear and keeping you comfortable.

Liquidator 3.0 by Moerman

Patented angled edge channel.

Premium Snapper Handle by Moerman

When you need simple standard quality.

Excelerator 2.0 by Moerman

Outperform yourself on each hard-to-reach window.

Drywalker Flex by Moerman

Your ultimate Bucket on a Belt companion.

Carbonator by Moerman

Lightweight, robust with perfect torsion and bending resistance.

Excelerator 2.0 customizable

You can either tighten or loosen it according to your preference.

“Do the F*LIQ!” with Fugu F*LIQ pad

“DO THE F*LIQ!” with the new Fugu F*LIQ pad.

How to “Do the F*LIQ!”

It's a window cleaning method of Moerman.

How to change your Liquidator rubber and end-clips.

It's easy, same way for Liquidator 2.0/3.0 channel.

Our R&D team answers live questions of Trad-Man

This was live on Tuesday 2nd April 2019 on Facebook.

Window cleaners from all over the world are here!

Window cleaners from all over the world are here! - UK - Germany - Denmark - France - Belgium - USA

Can’t stop the feeling!

Check out our team, our best singing talent! :-)

Continuous innovation

Various product updates to improve existing tools with yearly new product releases.

Focus on user experience

Products tested by window cleaners worldwide to get feedback and improve usability.

Dependable standard

Continuous check and quality control of product materials related to reliability and dependability.

Best value for money

Optimized production quantities to ensure measured price-quality.