Floor cleaning tools

Premium flexi floor squeegee

The Premium Flexi squeegee is a 3-in-1 product: it can be used as a floor squeegee, a mop or ceiling cleaner (with microfiber cloth). The swivelling handle socket makes it the ideal floor squeegee to reach even the most difficult places, for example: under a cupboard, on a staircase, behind the toilet, underneatch beds or around furniture etc.

The white Dura-Flex® rubber cassette is replaceable, which is indicated in professional cleaning.

Anodised aluminium frame with two plastic hooks to fix a microfiber cloth, the cassette with one-blade Dura-Flex® white rubber (9mm / 0,4″) is removable and can be replaced.

Color socket:

  • white
  • Swivelling (left/right) plastic handle socket with cap (white)
  • Fits all handles with a diameter up to 26 mm/1”
  • Color socket: white


Color frame
Color rubber
50 cm / 20"