Dura-Flex® Rubber

Unique know how of natural rubber

The Dura-Flex® moss rubber used for our floor squeegees is the best rubber in the world for floor cleaning. The moss rubber blades have been especially developed to fit the application of floor squeegees.

  • Durable:  your rubber lasts longer
  • Strong & Flexible:  extreme high resistance to tearing and abrasion
  • Excellent elasticity:  the blades dig deep into uneven surfaces and recover their shape after use
  • Closed cell:  the rubber has perfect density and does not absorb water.
  • The natural skin adds strength and helps prevent bacteria from harboring inside the squeegee.
  • Multi-surface:  use on both smooth and uneven surfaces like concrete, brick, tile and marble
  • Double rubber blade:  double cleaning - superior cleaning results

A specific rubber for every application

Black Dura-Flex® rubber

  • Good general all-purpose rubber
  • Ideal for cleaning areas where resistance to heat and oil is not required
  • Popular in light commercial, schools and public facilities
  • Caution: black rubber can leave spots on pale floors

White Dura-Flex® rubber

  • Used when hygiene is an important factor
  • Users can easily see when the squeegee needs to be replaced
  • Preferred to cleaning sanitary rooms, swimming pools...

Red Dura-Flex® rubber

  • Contains Neoprene to give excellent resistance to oils, acids, greases and solvents
  • Preferred in factories, auto care and maintenance facilities

Green Dura-Flex® rubber - unique rubber!

  • The green blade is produced with materials approved by the FDA*
  • Recommended when hygiene is extremely important
  • Preferred in food service and health care facilities

*The Food and Drug Administration is one of America’s oldest and most respected consumer heath protection agency

Branding in metal frame

All our Moerman metal squeegees with natural rubber are Dura-Flex® branded.

Explanatory coloured label

All our squeegees with natural rubber carry an explanatory coloured label.

Dura-Flex® brand = guarantee that the squeegee has the best rubber = perfect results

Differentiation of rubber types
Quality hallmark = strengthen market position!