Durable plastic floor squeegees

Plastic squeegee

The new Moerman plastic squeegee is a true masterpiece, inspired on ecological motives and standing for our dedication to high quality products. This well-thought-out design is finished with considerable material reduction, lower height and featuring a wide splash guard on the back + small splash guard in the front. Due to the lower height, smooth cleaning is guaranteed as a result of which our fabulous Dura-flex rubber can now be used optimally for what it is developed: cleaning & rinsing.

Two models to choose: a direct injected Euro-thread insert (German, French, Italian thread) or combi cap with strangle socket and Euro-thread inside.


Durable plastic

Splash guard



With cap and strangle socket

Euro thread

Color frame
Color rubber
35 cm / 14"
45 cm / 18"
55 cm / 22"