Floor cleaning tools

Hybrid floor squeegee

The Hybrid Heavy-duty floor squeegee with double bladed Dura-flex® natural mossrubber has a splash guard on both sides, which prevents the water from spilling over the frame. The Hybrid Heavy-duty floor squeegee contains a strong heavy-duty plastic handle socket which makes it very easy for professional users to fit a handle in no time.

The Hybrid Heavy-duty floor squeegee is available with:

  • self-tapping thread for all wooden handles (straight and conical) and all handles with thread
  • cap and strangle socket for all handles with or without thread
  • German or ACME thread (North America)

Rust-resistant galvanised steel



Color frame
Color rubber
45 cm / 18"
55 cm / 22"
75 cm / 30"
100 cm (1m) / 39"