Takumi Deluxe perfect design and function fuse.

Takumi Deluxe inspires confidence by delivering the comfort and control you need to practice your beloved job. Your daily partner is a sustainable, high-quality extension pole that focuses on the ultimate live experience, equipped with top-of-the-line features. Every day you pick it up, already knowing you will create fascinating moments that make unforgettable memories.

The Deluxe version of the Moerman Takumi extension pole using the Carbonator sculpture and looks with pear-shaped grip and Dr. Angle Mini. The word Takumi in Japanese refers to an artisan or master craftsman. Takumi isn’t just high-tech, it is affordable and built for window cleaners, now extra lightweight with the combination of fiberglass and carbon fiber. Takumi Deluxe leaves you in awe by combining elegant, expressive design with high functionality. Please enjoy a product that has been given the privilege of carrying the name Takumi Deluxe on each piece made.

However long or short your journey, if there is one certainty, Moerman Jack’s will love to clean many windows using our lightweight brother of the Takumi extension pole: Takumi Deluxe!

What's the main difference with Takumi? 
  • Takumi is an aluminum telescopic handle (900 gr. incl. cone) which weighs more than the Takumi Deluxe (only 670 gr. incl. cone) made of a combinator of fiberglass and carbon fiber.
  • Takumi comes with a standard cone while Takumi Deluxe comes with the Dr. Angle Mini assembled on the telescopic handle.
  • The grip of the Takumi Deluxe has the same pear-shape like the one of the Carbonator, while the Takumi has a standard bi-component grip.
  • Takumi, Takumi Deluxe as well as the Carbonator, all have the same easy-push/release button to easily switch between extending and collapsing the length of the telescopic handle.