Our history

Founded in 1885 as a brush manufacturer, in the course of the 20th century, Moerman grew to become the undisputed world leader in the niche for floor sweepers. Our innovative drive shows in the products we have developed, such as our superior DuraFlex® rubber, which is still the key component of the famous Moerman floor squeegee. In the 1960s, our company began exporting and in the 1990s, we opened a branch in America. Adding an in-house R&D department, since 2015 Moerman has also profiled itself as an innovative player in the market for professional window squeegees and equipment. Meanwhile, the fifth generation has taken the helm at Moerman and our professional cleaning accessories are sold in over 50 countries.

Moerman: Your 1st and best choice for cleaning equipment

Since 1885, Moerman has been developing and manufacturing the very best cleaning tools.
Our goal is to design and manufacture innovative and durable cleaning tools that make cleaning easy and efficient.

Since decades our floor squeegees are the benchmark in the industry, we strive to offer the best value for money.
Moerman produces over 20.000 floor squeegees a day in its state of the art production facility located in Belgium.
Customers worldwide choose our quality and knowhow. They trust Moerman for the streamlined production and seamless delivery at the best price/quality ratio.

Based on this extensive experience Moerman started designing and producing professional window cleaning tools.
Our innovative products are conceived to help professionals solving the daily problems they encounter when doing their job.
Meanwhile our EASE philosophy and tools have convinced professional users around the world to go for the next level in window cleaning.


Always pushing the boundaries of traditional floor cleaning tools

High Quality

Committed to delivering the highest quality products

Global Presence

Active in a variety of countries and regions

Ideal Partner

The perfect partner to help your business grow

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