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Combinator 2.0

Moerman engineers are driven to perfection by building the highest performance window cleaning tools. We are proud to introduce the Combinator 2.0, one of the flagships of the entire Moerman range.

The Combinator 2.0: a unique and innovative combination tool designed using our E.A.S.E. principles. Created to save you time and make you more money. It is an ergonomic, lightweight and versatile system. Great for pole work, residential and store fronts. It's a component based system which allows you to customize the tool to your needs and budget.

The Combinator 2.0 has been reviewed and several improvements were achieved:

  • A more sturdy washer
  • Easy push ‘n’ release button
  • Flexible connection to the grip, always make the right contact angle with the window 
  • An ergonomic blind button whenever the washer isn’t used
  • Removing the channel, even when the washer is still on its place

All the above makes the Combinator 2.0 very user friendly. 

The new Combinator 2.0 empowers you to master the window through every twist and turn. 
Oh, one more thing : no price change for this upgraded tool!

  • Don't lose time changing tools
  • Can be used as a One-Pass tool or Wash/Flip/Squeegee tool
  • Lightweight for easy handling
  • Firmly locks onto our extension hanldes.
  • Each component is available separately = budget friendly

The foundation of the system is the unique Combinator 2.0 squeegee handle. The hole in the middle of the squeegee handle is designed to accommodate the Combinator 2.0 T-bar components. The T-bar components can be purchased separately which can reduce your investment in tools as one squeegee handle can be fitted with a variety of T-Bar/Sleeve/channel sizes. 


You can also use the Combinator 2.0 handle as you daily squeegee handle by simply inserting the soft rubber ring (included) into the handle and attaching your Liquidator 2.0 channel.


To convert to a combination tool, simply click the unique Combinator 2.0 T-Bar (10”, 14”, 18”). You now have the most functional combination tool on the market. You can use Combinator 2.0 in our unique One-Pass configuration for maximum performance and time saving or in the traditional Wash-Flip-Squeegee configuration. Use the Combinator 2.0 as a handheld tool or on your extension handle, either way you will see amazing results.


The unique design of the washing sleeve makes it much lighter than other combination tools. Most combination tools use a standard washing sleeve. But only half of the sleeve is usable, so the additional sleeve material is holding extra solution and needless weight. The shape of the Premium Combinator 2.0 sleeve allows the Liquidator 2.0 to get to the edges of the glass for perfect, detail-free drying and reduces the overall weight of the tool while delivering the perfect amount of cleaning solution and scrubbing power.

10pcs/box Product reference
NEW - Combinator 2.0 handle ID 25148
10pcs/box Product reference
NEW - Combinator 2.0 T-bar 25 cm / 10" ID 25149
NEW - Combinator 2.0 T-bar 35 cm / 14" ID 25150
NEW - Combinator 2.0 T-bar 45 cm / 18" ID 25151
10pcs/polybag Product reference
Combinator 2.0 sleeve 25 cm / 10" ID 22559
Combinator 2.0 sleeve 35 cm / 14" ID 22560
Combinator 2.0 sleeve 45 cm / 18" ID 22561
20pcs/box Product reference
Liquidator 2.0 - 25cm / 10" ID 23215
Liquidator 2.0 - 30cm / 12" ID 23216
Liquidator 2.0 - 35cm / 14" ID 23217
Liquidator 2.0 - 45cm / 18" ID 23218
Liquidator 2.0 - 55cm / 22" ‚ÄčID 23219


5 sets/polybag Product reference
Replacement clips Liquidator 2.0 ID 23520

Combinator 2.0

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