Moerman goes Green with Baobab

The monumental Baobab trees, giants of the ages, are known for their extraordinary longevity and excellent water storage capacity. This ‘tree of life’ is essential for the African savanna ecosystem. Naming our sleeve made with recycled microfiber material, ‘Baobab’ after the iconic tree, we feel we are doing the right thing and cause less harm to the environment.


  • European sourced recycled waste yarn
  • Production of recycled yarn saves about 10% fresh water and about 52% of necessary energy*


* figures based on the environmental performance chart between recycled polyester and virgin polyester


For every unit sold, we donate € 1,- to plant a tree and support reforestation in Europe. It is important for us to act responsible and to positively impact nature and climate. This is why we have started funding trees and thereby contributing to the creation and maintenance of carbon sinks.